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Symbol of Hope

Symbol Of Hope Symbol of Hope

Have you ever considered the fact that the butterfly is called the Symbol of Hope?
All of us need hope in our lives.

Are you going through a difficult time in your life? Have you ever lost a friend or family member in death? We believe that the butterfly is given to us as a symbol of hope and transformation.

Several people have related to us their experiences at a funeral of a loved one. During the committal service at the cemetery, a butterfly suddenly appeared and landed on the flower arrangement on the casket. They were impressed by the way the butterfly changed the atmosphere from grief to hope.

The word “metamorphosis”, which is the term describing the life cycle process of the butterfly, comes from the ancient Greek meaning “to totally change from one form to another”.

As you may have observed this in nature or through video, this is exactly what takes place. It is a miracle in that a totally new and different creature, the butterfly will emerge from a chrysalis which was formed from a caterpillar.

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