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Symbol Of Hope Symbol of Hope

Have you ever considered the fact that the butterfly is called the Symbol of Hope?

Sealed Wish was originally created after an unfortunate moment had occurred with a dear friend and the unpleasant experience he had occur in his life. The company began it's focus on help others after the loss of loved ones. Although this was a great service and support for those in need, we quickly realized the products and services we provided to our customers was transforming and provided others with hope and smiles. It actually transformed their sad moments into happier moments.

As we continued to grow we wanted to continue help not only those in need but also those just looking to celebrate a special moment or occasion. We found our new mission, which is to celebrate all of life's special moments.

As we began expanding exploring many unique ways people can celebrate these moments, we realized that our customers where purchasing products for all type of occasions such as Funerals, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Holiday's and more.

We decided to use the Butterfly as our company logo for several reasons, however the primary was that we believe that the butterfly is given to us as a symbol of hope and transformation. The butterfly brings happiness to everyone that encounters them, we strive to provide the same experience for our customers. Thank You for your business and support.

- Sealed Wish Team

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