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I lost my Mother

posted on September 2, 2015

I lost my Mother a few months ago and continue to fight the pain each day. Loosing a parent is extremely tough no matter how old they are. Everything happened so soon and nobody expected her to pass away so quickly. I wish she had setup a Sealed Wish account to allow us to hear her voice or see her smile again. I miss her so much. -Jessica M.

Something Meaningful

posted on March 13, 2016

When we lost my grandfather it was devastating to our family because it was so unexpected. It was a just a few weeks to Thanksgiving, and everyone always assumes we can catch up with distant relatives during the holidays. We never had a chance to say goodbye because of his heart attack. It would be immeasurable to have something meaningful from him like a Sealed Wish note or message.-Mike

Dove Release

posted on March 13, 2016

I heard from some friends in Texas that releasing a white dove at ones gravesite is really becoming a popular thing also. It is released, a bible verse is read and it flies back into its cage. They say it is beautiful. (you may already know) thought I would pass it along.-Cathy

Losing two Grandfathers.

posted on January 6, 2016

After recently loosing two Grandfathers rather suddenly, I am constantly pulling for memories, moments, and just to hear the sound of their voice again. Pictures only go so far and over time the disconnect grows larger. I wish this was set up for them. Even though I can't go back and change that, I am able to send a gift, flowers, or plant a tree in honor of my grandfathers.
This is something I plan on doing to include my grandmothers and family.

Sealed Wish is a great way to set up a plan to have your family never forget your memories you have shared or fill that need of hearing their voice again. So please share, it is a simple request to someone you never want to forget them. -Joelle B.

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