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FAQ's | Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do you only offer Monarch or Painted Lady Butterflies?

A. We recognize that there are several different types of butterfly species, however due to environmental and state regulations we are unable to ship or release many of these butterflies across certain states.

Currently we can offer the Monarch & Painted Lady's as they are some of the most popular butterflies in North America.

Q. Butterfly release restrictions

A. Due to some state environmental concerns, it is unlawful to ship or release some butterfly species in these areas. Current restrictions are as follows.

  • No Butterfly shipments to (Virgin Islands, Hawaii or Puerto Rico)
  • Monarch restrictions only (Alaska, Arizona, Nevada and Montana)

Q. Why do some of the products require address verification?

A. Many products that are shipped are time sensitive material and it is imperative to have them shipped to the correct address. You as the user or receiver are responsible to verify your address for the deliveries.

We want to ensure your products are delivered correctly and in perfect condition for their purpose.

  • Butterflies are shipped on dry ice and are very delicate insects.
  • Trees are shipped with small water supply, however they need to be tended to upon delivery from origination point.
  • Flowers if not expected can wilt quickly in hot temperatures.

Q: Which trees are suitable for growing in my area or will be the best tree for my recipient's area?

A. We have selected items that will grow well throughout the United States. The USDA Hardiness Zone information is just a guide of average climatic conditions and cold temperatures and it doesn't take into account micro-climates which result from local weather patterns, structures on your property, hills or canyons, or surrounding landscape plantings. If you're unsure, CALL US at 1-844-SEALED1. We'll be happy to help you select the best tree for that special someone as a gift.

Q: How big will my trees get?

A. We include growth habits and mature height information for each tree we send, this will assist with your landscape planning. The size of a tree and how fast it grows depends upon many natural factors such as sunlight, water, competition, growing seasons, climate and location. We are here to serve our customers, if you have any questions about the trees please visit our tree growth page here or just call us at 1-844-SEALED-1.

Q: When should I plant my tree? Is one time of the year better than another?

A. The best time to plant your tree is as soon as possible after you receive it. Each tree comes with detailed care and planting instructions. If you are unable to plant the tree, remove the plastic shipping bag from around the container, keep it well-watered, and it will be fine in the pot for several months. Trees can be planted year-round, with the best times being in the fall (September - November) and spring (March - June). During the winter months, trees are dormant, but the ground is often frozen which makes digging difficult. When planting during the summer months, be sure new plantings are kept well-watered.

Q. What is an Activation Key?

A. Each activation key is a unique, each key assigned to a activation manager is different than the others. The account owner selects the individuals to receive these keys. Each of the key holders can enter their activation key into our activation center to begin the activation process and confirm the account owners death/passing.

  • Click here to see a sample certificate.

Q. What is an Access Key?

A. An access key is a unique encryption number that is assigned to the specified recipient inside the account owners plans. The recipient will use their access key to unlock the plans that were saved for them, access keys are only released upon the account owners death/passing.

  • Click here to see a sample certificate.

Q. How does the Activation process work?

A. Upon a valid activation key being entered, we run an authentication process by contacting your remaining key holders. We notify them that we received a valid activation key and if they confirm you have passed away, then we instruct them to complete the activation process with their key.

  • Upon receiving a 2nd valid activation key, we will deploy your plans and begin to notify your recipient/s.

Q. Why is each activation key different?

A. We create a different key for each activation certificate assigned. This allows the account owner to replace any lost or damaged keys due to a fire, misplacement, or any reason without the danger of an accidental activation.

  • If you wish to change an key holders at a later date or add a new key holder, you can activate or deactivate keys at any given time.

Q. What are my activation key holders responsibilities?

A. By accepting any activation key, they are agreeing to notify Sealed Wish upon your death through our activation center.

  • Activation certificates should be kept in a secure place.

Q. Who is best to choose as my activation key holders?

A. You may choose who ever you wish, however it is recommended that you consider someone you can trust, who is responsible and will active your account upon your death. Click here for some suggestions

  • You may remove or assign new activation keys at any time.

Q. How many activation keys are assigned to my account?

A. Each account allows you to assign (4) activation keys to people whom you trust to activate your plans upon your death.

  • These are the only 4 activation keys that are capable of activating your account.

Q. How do I delete / edit a key holder in my account?

A. Login to your account and access your "My Wish Planner". Here you can edit or delete your activation keys. Make sure to click save prior to exiting this page.

Q. If I delete an activation manager, will they know?

A. They will not be notified of any changes, this is up to you if notification is desired. However, if they were to enter their activation key they would see a message. "Invalid Key"

Q. How will my recipients be notified after my death?

A. Upon a successful account activation we will notify each of your recipients within your account. We follow a step by step notification system to contact each receipt and backup contact if necessary.

  • Each recipient will be delivered their own unique Access Keys to login and access only the content you prepared for them.
  • This unique access key will inform your recipient/s that you have locked plans away and they should log into www.sealedwish.com to access their saved plans.

See recipient contact schedule here.

Q. What happens if my recipient/s can not be reached?

A. We will make several attempts to contact your recipients through the contact information you provided us, public record searches, etc. We also capture backup contacts that can be contacted in the event we are unable to reach your intended recipient.

  • We will only contact the backup contacts if we are unsuccessful with all other recipient attempts.
  • Your backup contacts should be somebody that your recipient knows. (ie: Friend, Relative, etc.)
  • We will never release your plans to your backup contacts, they are only involved to locate your recipient.

See recipient contact schedule here.

Our success rate of contacting your recipients is over 99.2%

Q. What happens if my recipient & backups are unreachable?

A. In the very rare circumstance that we are unable to contact either party after exhausting all contact attempts listed in our contact schedule, we will donate the product value to one of the charities we support.

Q. How do my recipients access the stored content?

A. Recipients will each receive their own unique encrypted Access Key. Each Access Key will unlock the plans you prepared for that specific recipient only.

  • Each recipient will have the option to purchase permanent copies of any multimedia.

Q. Can I assign products to a minor?

A. Yes, We do not collect age of your recipients. Therefore you may create and assign plans to anybody you shall desire. Note: If you recipient happens to be a minor, their access key may be received by their legal guardian depending on age at time of delivery.

We will notify the recipient through the contact information supplied inside your plans. Including email address, mailing address, contact numbers.

If your recipient does not have an email or phone contact, you should list their legal guardian information.

Q. Can I edit my plans, settings or recordings at a later date?

A. Yes, You may log into your account profile to edit, delete or changes plans anytime. (recordings, letters, contact information or even assigned activation keys) at anytime.

Q. Can't I just record video or store messages on my computer or smart phone?

A. Yes, Recording on your own devices is easy, however how can you ensure that the person it is intended for will ever find it or remember that it is saved? What happens if the device gets damaged or lost?

Sealed Wish backs up all our files on several offsite servers to ensure dependability and security. We also specialize in delivering your plans and messages to your recipient/s, we make sure they receive what was saved for them.

Q. Why should I consider scheduling a delivery delay?

A. You may want to consider that some recipients may have a difficult time receiving any messages/products too soon. It may be best to notify them a few weeks after your death.

Also you may want to schedule items for special events such as an Anniversary, Birthday, Holiday as you want your items delivered for those special moments in life.

We allow you to select immediate release, 30 day, 60 day or a specific date.(example Sept 1st) for our Personalized Letters or Flower products.

Q. How are my specific plans submitted and information secured?

A. Sealed Wish uses the most advanced SSL encryption technology available to secure your plans and personal information.

  • We provide (4) unique encryption keys that are authorized to activate your plans upon your passing.
  • Individual encryption keys for each recipient to only allow access to the specific plans you prepared for them.
  • The use of multiple off-site secure servers to backup your plans, along with the support of Google secured cloud platform.
  • We will not share, sell or use your information for any purpose other than to deliver our products or services you purchased.
  • All personal information saved is encrypted when submitted to us and while being stored.

Q. Is it safe to store my information online?

A. Sealed Wish works with top cyber security experts to protect all personal data being transmitted or stored through our site and in the cloud.
All information submitted, entered and saved on our website and in your account is cared and protected for by our trained experts to ensure your information remain secure and safe until the time occurs.

We encrypt all data being stored and utilize the industries best practice in cyber security to prevent lost, stolen or harmed data.
All credit card purchases are safe through the use of an full SSL encryption.

Q. How are my payments and plans guaranteed for future deliver upon my death?

A. All purchases are assigned and deposited into a separate escrow account for each user. Escrow accounts are managed by an independent consultant, all funds are saved and only accessed upon a valid account activation to ensure product fulfillment.

All plan details are stored and backup on both offsite servers, along with the use of Google Cloud platform with redundant server backups to protect stored data and accessibility.

Q. How long are my plans stored and backed up?

A. All plans are backed up daily and stored on external servers and Google Cloud servers for safe keeping. This ensures availability as well as security at all times for both your personal information and your saved plans.

Your account and plans are saved as long as your account is paid per the terms of the agreement and payment requirements outlined. Upon an account activation your plans and content are saved for an additional (3) years post activation from the last recipient notification. This period gives adequate time for all recipients to view, order additional copies or access their plans.

Q. What happens if I become incapacitated?

A. We will accept valid proof of Power of Attorney documentation to accept payment/s from others on your behalf.

  • We will never release account credentials or plans details to anyone.
  • Your plans are only ever viewable through your personal credentials to protect your privacy.
  • Regardless of your physical condition, we will continue to keep your plans active while in compliance of our fee schedule.
  • We will never deploy your plans until the necessary keys are entered, regardless of you being incapacitated.

Q: How long does it take for a recipient to receive product delivery?

A. Deliveries are generally shipped within 2-3 business days from the date your recipient/s verified their shipping address. Some product may have shipping seasons or limited availability which could delay your delivered items for a few months, however each recipient will be notified if applicable.

Q. I do not know who to select as my Activation Managers?

A. You may select anybody to be an activation key manager. If you are limited in options, consider using your recipients or backup contacts. Remember the backup contacts or activation managers are unable to see your plans, unless you also list them as a recipient and only upon receiving their unique Access Key.

Q. Can my plans be accidently delivered prior to my death?

A. The answer is NO.
We require a double key activation occurrence to ensure there was no accidental activations. This requires that two separate activation managers were able to confirm your passing.

Only upon this double verification being received, we will only then notify each loved one/recipient listed in your plans, along with releasing there unique access key and instructions to unlock their plans.

Q. Who will have access to my plans?

A. The only people that will have access to your plans are your assigned recipients. None of your backup contacts or your activation managers will have visibility or access to your plans.

If a Power of Attorney legal document is provided to us for the account owner, we will assist your POA to continue your plans or update any contact information for your recipients, backups or activation managers. They will not be given any plan details.

Q. How does the delayed delivery work?

A. If you selected a product that allows for delay delivery we will not notify and release the Access Key to your specified recipient until the delay has passed or the specific date arrives. (ie: 30, 60 or specific date)

If no delay was selected we will notify your recipients upon receiving a successful account activation from your approved keys.

Q. Can I partially save my plans and finish at a later date?

A. Yes, you may build your plans over time if desired, along with any edits or deletion afterwards by signing into your My Wish Planner with your email and password.

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