Celebrate Life's Special Moments

Gift Trees

Memorial trees symbolize life and growth.

Many love the idea and symbol of new life that is present with a tree.
It is something tangible that they can visibly see, touch, care for, and watch grow.

They're environmentally friendly and provide oxygen; they also provide food and habitat for wild animals.

Gift / Memorial Trees

Each tree is well established in their root system and is 2-3 years old. Younger trees require a little more care in the early stages, so be sure to checkout our Tree Resource Section for FAQ's, proper care, planting tips and more.

Gift Tree packages included

Gree Leaf Japanese Maple Shipping  Gift Tree packages included
  • Tree of choice. (Currently 5 species)
  • Base wrapped like a gift and tied with raffia.
  • Blanketed in a green tissue paper.
  • Placed in a white shipping box with your own personalized message.
  • Details, complete care and planting instructions.

See additional tree details below.

Red_Oak_Gift_Trees Northern Red Oak

Northern Red Oak

Quercus rubra
12" to 36" per year
Recommended for Zones:5-9
Low Temp Tolerance:To -20F

Product Description
Fast growth to 90ft. Broad, spreading branches and round-topped crown. The leaves are green above and paler matte green below during the growing season, rich red and brown hues in autumn.

High branching habit and open shade make it a good tree for big lawns, parks, broad avenues. Its deep roots make it good to garden under.

Blue_Spruce_Gift_Trees Blue Spruce Pine

Blue Spruce Pine

Picea pungens pine
6" to 10" per year
Recommended for Zones: 2-8
Low Temp Tolerance: To -50F

Product Description
With distinctive gray-blue needles, this tree is generally used as an accent plant in landscapes.

Tree color can vary from dark green through all shades of blue green to powder-white blue.

Red_Japanese_Maple_Leaf Red Leaf Japanese Maple

Red Leaf Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum ‘Atropurpureum’
6" to 10" per year
Recommended for Zones:5-8
Low Temp Tolerance:To -20F

Product Description
Delicate cut, brilliant ruby-red leaves in spring time, giving way to darker maroon then purple as summer progresses.

Brighter in sun. A small landscape tree used in more formal gardens and courtyards.

Sweetgum_Scarlet_Gift_Tree Sweetgum Scarlet

Sweetgum Scarlet

Liguidamber styraciflua
6" to 10" per year
Recommended for Zones:5-9
Low Temp Tolerance: To -20F

Product Description
An extremely handsome tree, taller than wide, grows up to 75 ft. tall.
Its foliage brilliant yellow, scarlet or purple in the fall. Leaves are starlike, resembling a maple, with 3-7 toothed lobes. Small flowers in dense globe-shaped clusters. Good street trees, effective in tall screens or groves.

Deodora_Cedar_Gift_Trees Deodora Cedar

Deodora Cedar

Cedrus deodara
8" to 12" per year
Recommended for Zones: 7-9
Low Temp Tolerance: To 0F

Product Description
Native to the Himalayas.
A graceful tree with softer, lighter texture than other cedars. Excellent tree for use as a privacy screen or natural fence. Reaching heights of 80 ft. with 40 ft. spread at ground, at maturity.

Shipping Seasons | Availability

Trees can generally ship year round, however due to the different climate zones, you may decide to delay shipment to plant your trees at a later time.

Tree Care and FAQ's

Memorial Tree Resources Tree Care and FAQ's
  • We recommended planting the tree in a climate zone rated for its species to give your tree the best chance of survival and future growth.

If assistance is needed selecting the best tree for your area, please contact us here

USDA Hardiness Zones are based upon the best available information and are provided as guidelines only. Elevation, microclimate, topography and other factors will influence your coldest minimum temperatures within a zone. Use appropriate judgement relating to your specific area when selecting plant material.

Check your climate zone map below

Planting trees outside of their recommended climate zone may impact our return/refund policy.

Care & Planting Instructions

  • 1. Remove me from my shipping box. If I have paper wrap, please take that off. The wrap and ribbon are recyclable. I come in a plastic bag to protect my soil, please remove it from my pot. (Do not remove my pot until ready to plant.)
  • 2. Water me. Place me outside. I am not an indoor plant. Make sure you water me especially in warm weather.
  • 3. I can be planted any time of the year. Here are some tips on where to plant me: Make sure there is no competition for my space such as other plants or grass. Try to find places with well drained soil.
  • 4. Dig a hole 6 – 8 inches wider than I am. Loosen some of the soil in the hole. Take me out of my pot
  • 5. Hold me straight and fill the hole with moist soil. Plant me 1 inch deeper than the ground line on my trunk. Avoid air pockets in the hole.
  • 6. The first year, please water me approximately every 3 weeks. Water me weekly in summer months.
  • 7. If I’m a deciduous tree, I lose my leaves in the fall. In the spring, new leaves will appear

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: Which trees are suitable for growing best in my area?
A1: We provide various species that have a broader growth range.

Additionally we also provide a climate zone map to further assist. Should you have additional questions, please reach us @ support@sealedwish.com

The USDA Hardiness Zone information is just a guide of average climatic conditions and cold temperatures and it doesn't take into account micro-climates which result from local weather patterns, structures on your property, hills or canyons, or surrounding landscape plantings.

If you're unsure, CALL US at 1-844-SEALED-1. We'll be happy to help you get the best tree for that special someone as a gift.

  • Q2: What is the best time to plant a tree?

A2: The best time to plant your tree is as soon as possible upon receiving it.

Each tree comes with detailed care and planting instructions. If you are unable to plant the tree due to weather conditions, remove the plastic shipping bag from around the container, keep it well-watered, and it will be fine in the pot for several months.

Trees can be planted year-round, with the best times being in the fall (September - November) and spring (March - June). During the winter months, trees are dormant (see winter topic above), but the ground is often frozen which makes digging difficult. When planting during the summer months, be sure new plantings are kept well-watered.

  • Q3: How big will my trees get?

A3: We include growth habits and mature tree height information for each species.

The actual size of a tree and how fast it grows depends upon many natural factors such as sunlight, water, competition, growing seasons, climate and location. We are here to help, so if you have any questions just call us at 1-844-SEALED-1

Winter Care

Winter Tree Care Winter Care

Trees have a natural way of getting ready for the cold months of winter. You will notice that the deciduous trees, (having leaves) have lost their leaves and look bare for the winter. Don’t panic, this is nature’s way of winterizing. The conifer trees (having needles) will show little change but they have gone dormant as well.

Winter tips:
If you are unable to plant your tree upon receiving due to weather conditions, your tree can remain in its container until spring. Place the plant and pot outdoors in a protected spot near your home. Insulate the pot with mulch or burlap. Let the natural winter take its course.

This is not an indoor plant. It does not do well being kept indoors. Typical household heat dehydrates your tree. If you must keep it indoors for a limited time, place it near a window for sunlight in a cool room or porch area away from heat. Select from 5 different species (selection at checkout).

Don’t forget to keep it watered when soil feels dry to the touch. When spring comes you can plant your tree outdoors after the last freezing temperatures.

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