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Butterfly Releases and Resources

Butterfly Release Envelopes Butterfly Releases and Resources

Some states exclude or have release limitations. See attachment below for state specific details.

Below is information about butterfly shipment, care, release, etc. Additional details will be included with your butterfly shipment. Any Questions please contact us @ 1-844-SEALED-1

Note: Each butterfly is shipped and stored inside a butterfly envelope for easy release, choice of message is printed on each envelope for personalization.

Monarch Butterflies

Monarach Butterflies Monarch Butterflies

Known to be a strong flyer and great for butterfly releases. Easily recognized by its bright, contrasting orange and black colors. Wing span approximately 4".

Available mid April – mid October only.

The Monarch butterfly is the most popular butterfly for release at memorials and funerals for several reasons. For one, the Monarch is very people friendly. It is very common for them to linger around the area after the release, landing on people and flowers.

Secondly, the Monarchs are known for their size and beauty. Their wing span is about 3 times that of the Painted Lady. click here for more Monarch information.

Painted Lady Butterflies

Painted Lady Butterfly Painted Lady Butterflies

These butterflies are fun and friendly. Not as large as the Monarch, but just as brilliantly colored. Great for releases where you want the butterflies to stick around a little longer and possibly land on guests. Wing span approximately 2".

Available mid April – mid October only.

click here for more information on Painted Lady Butterflies.

Individual Release

An individual release is when you take the envelopes the butterflies are in and pass them to the designated individuals. An individual release is more personal for those releasing the butterflies and is often preferred for weddings, funerals or other celebrations that include others.

Release envelopes can be printed on. Most farmers offer this service for free. You can choose to have names, dates, or sayings printed on the envelopes as long as it is not too long. The butterflies are then shipped in individual envelopes.

How Butterflies are Shipped

Your butterflies are shipped to arrive the day before your event.

  • We do not advise they be shipped to arrive the day of the event, in case they are late or lost in shipping.
  • For Sunday events, we suggest the butterflies arrive on Friday because if the butterflies are lost for a Saturday delivery, you will not receive them until Monday.
  • Some locations do not have a Saturday delivery.

What to do when your butterflies arrive

As soon as your butterflies arrive, you want to confirm that the butterflies arrived safely. Open the box.

  • Read the instructions. If you have any questions, please call us.
  • Then take random butterfly envelopes (about 2 to 6 envelopes depending on how many in your shipment) and listen to the envelope for movement.

Do not be alarmed if you do not hear any movement.

Remember, your butterflies are cooled and they may not be moving. If you hear no movement, gently open the envelope slightly. You will see their wings start to move indicating they are fine. Be sure to put them back on the dry ice until one hour before release.

See PDF print out guide.

What to do the day of your butterfly release

At least one hour before the release, remove the butterflies from the insulated box, off of the ice packs. This will ensure they will be warmed up and ready to fly.

Do not place the butterflies in the sun or next to a heating unit. You do not want your butterflies to get too hot. Let the butterflies warm up naturally. Instruct others that there are butterflies inside and to hold gently.

See PDF print out below.

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